UNPA Beauty Platform – It is more than just beauty products.

It is a beauty brand of the people, by the people, and for the people.

We are a customer-centric brand built on the time, energy, and love of people who want to look good.

Our brand is translated to Unni’s Pouch and in Korean, it means “Older Sister’s Pouch”, as we aspire to be the older sister, ensuring the beauty products in your pouch are effective and suitable for you.

Unni’s Pouch was founded based on customers’ opinions about other beauty brands around the world. What started out as a simple show-and-tell has grown into a revolutionary objective, redefining social awareness of how beauty products truly work.

We are not out to tramp on the rest, but to pave a beautiful path for YOU to choose beauty products that truly work for you.

Like most, UNPA saw a problem. We realized that beauty products do not always deliver on what people expect. This wasn’t a case of being ineffective, but real people have different perspectives on the problem and lived differently from the models used in most adverts.

So we started UNPA.

UNPA is a beauty platform where we encouraged people to share the result of their beauty products and how effective it is or was. Today, we have over 2 million users with enough beauty information in our database too.