Cha Cha Energy Toothpaste

$10.00 USD

Get A Whiter Smile

Activated charcoal made from sustainable herbs is the hero ingredient in this tooth whitening toothpaste, which naturally removes odors, cleanses your mouth, polishes, and whitens your teeth.

Relieve Your Bleeding Gums

Rich in Hydroxyapatite (HAP), our natural whitening toothpaste alleviates inflammation, burns, wounds, and scars in your mouth, helps prevent periodontal disease, and assists your gingivitis treatment.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Our natural toothpaste is infused with 977ppm Fluorine and Xylitol, which detoxifies and remineralizes your teeth, fights cavities and plaque, and rebalances the pH levels in your mouth for fresher breath.

Protect Your Oral Health Naturally

This charcoal toothpaste for whitening teeth has a potent herbal formula of organic chamomile, sage, and aloe extracts, which is highly effective, hypoallergenic, certified safe by ECOCERT.

Freshen Up Your Breath

With a powerful fresh mint flavor, our premium sensitive teeth toothpaste keeps your teeth strong, polishes them, and gives you a brighter smile over time while leaving your breath super fresh, too.