Are you interested in living a life free from harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients, and unsustainable practices? These days, many people are aware of how their food, cleaning products, and household items affect themselves and the environment, but what about your personal care products?


Because personal care products go directly on your skin, near your eyes, and in your mouth, it’s crucial that they only contain ingredients that won’t cause harm – to you OR the environment.


There are hundreds of different types of personal care products that can be used from your head all the way to your toes, but we’re going to talk about mouth care products, specifically.

What is All-Natural Toothpaste?

Do you wonder, “what is all-natural toothpaste?” Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have an official “all-natural” label it like does for “organic” or “non-GMO” products, and they haven’t legally defined the term, either.


Therefore, it’s up to manufacturers and consumers to decide which ingredients and products are all-natural. Generally, all-natural products can be described as those with, “ingredients sourced and derived from nature and using formulas free of artificial flavors, fragrances, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.”


Conventional toothpaste formulas use dangerous ingredients like fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, and parabens. Sadly, many companies like Crest and Colgate test on animals, too.


All-natural toothpaste companies use plant-derived ingredients like essential oils, charcoal, and 100% natural, sugar-free sweeteners to create effective toothpaste formulas that you can feel good about using.


Does All-Natural Toothpaste Work?

Most people shy away from all-natural toothpaste because they have the misconception that it doesn’t work as well as conventional toothpaste. However, quite the opposite is true!


Through the use of innovative technology and ingredients, all-natural toothpaste brands can compete with (and, in some cases, beat) conventional toothpaste manufacturers. All while protecting your body and the environment.


Benefits of All-Natural Toothpaste

Once you know the benefits of all-natural toothpaste, you might consider making the switch!


  1. Quality ingredients

Natural toothpaste uses ingredients that you can feel great about using. You can confidently brush your teeth with the understanding that you aren’t ingesting harmful chemicals or rinsing any down the drain.


  1. Efficacy

All-natural toothpaste often works just as well – or better – than conventional toothpaste. Plus, because natural toothpaste formulas don’t have harsh chemicals or artificial flavors, they often work better for those with sensitive teeth.


  1. Safety

Some people who dedicate themselves to an all-natural lifestyle prefer to make their own beauty products. However, you risk using expired or completely ineffective toothpaste when you go the DIY route. Manufactured all-natural toothpaste will use ingredients that are proven to work, and they come with an expiration date. You won’t ever have to question the safety of your toothpaste.


unpa All-Natural Toothpaste

unpa is a Korean beauty brand that specializes in products with all-natural ingredients. Our Cha Cha Aroma Edition Toothpaste uses ingredients like charcoal and peppermint oil to create a safe, effective, and delicious natural toothpaste.