Not all kinds of skincare products suit you and not all DIY routines on the internet are going to be the perfect fit for you. However, natural remedies, herbs from the ancient scriptures, and various tried and tested routines for healthcare and skincare are something that will rarely betray you. Cica is one of those ancient herbs that almost works as a magic plant and allows you to have a healthy skin and lips. It is one of the natural ways to improve your skin health.

Why Should I Use the Cica Routine?

Cica Cream is the latest sensational ingredient making the internet go crazy.  It is a must-have lotion for anyone experiencing skin sensitivity or flare-ups. Cica Cream is the answer if you have dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin. Cica, commonly known as Gotu kola or tiger grass, is a plant in the Apiaceae family with the scientific name Centella Asiatica. This plant has been used to treat wounds for over 3,000 years. Skincare companies have just found this chemical and have been using it in moisturizers, serums, and other products to help repair the skin.


If you have psoriasis, eczema, lupus, leprosy, syphilis, acne, dryness, or rosacea, Cica cream will help you. Cica has anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and antibacterial qualities that help to heal skin problems. It will both relax and heal your skin.


It has also been proven to help increase the production of collagen, a protein that serves as a building component in tissues throughout the body and keeps skin supple. Cica has anti-aging properties and can help improve the skin barrier.

Your One Stop Solutions for Skin and Health

Soothes Irritated Skin

Skin care businesses are wagering that Centella Asiatica's anti-inflammatory characteristics will help moisturizers perform better by strengthening the skin's barrier function.


Cica is well-known for its ability to soothe and heal inflamed and irritated skin. It is high in amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and B, which aid in collagen synthesis and are ideal for healing acne and soothing irritated skin.

Proven to Cure Eczema and Psoriasis

A 2017 research in mice revealed that Cica cream might help cure dermatitis. It can be a useful supplement for someone battling with psoriasis or eczema due to its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing characteristics.

Prevents Wrinkles and Scars

Don't be concerned about fine lines and wrinkles; Cica cream will take better care of them. Cica contains antioxidant characteristics due to vitamin C and madecassoside extract, which aids in skin hydration, suppleness, and wrinkle reduction. Its madecassoside hydrates the skin and heals acne. Minor burns, scars, and wounds can also be treated with the cream.

What Should You Look For in Cica Products?

There are a plethora of items to choose from now that Cica has taken over cosmetic aisles and counters. We recommend looking for anything with at least 5% of the substance, since this concentration has been shown to improve skin moisture levels. Cica may be found in a variety of products ranging from cleansers to serums and masks; however, physicians advocate using it in a thick, balm-like moisturizer to maximize the ingredient's anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits.


In freezing, skin-drying winters, Centella Asiatica is an excellent addition to any cold weather skincare routine for soothing inflammation and dryness. However, because of its collagen-boosting effects, it is beneficial to keep it on hand all year, not only during the colder months.

Look for the terms Cica, centella asiatica, Gotu kola, tiger grass, or madecassoside on labels when choosing your product.


It is crucial to select Cica solutions that do not need to be washed quickly because they help your skin more when kept on for a longer period of time. The finest and most successful ways to use Cica include serums, face masks, moisturizers, and nightly face packs.