What if I could tell you that you don't need to bother fluttering your eyelashes or flipping your hair to grab a man’s attention? Yes! You heard that right. Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the importance of lip care and how you can have beautiful, attractive lips in a span of few weeks. 

According to a new survey, women's lips are the sexiest part of their bodies. Scientists discovered that the average man spends more than half of his time staring at a woman’s mouth in the first ten seconds after meeting a woman.  

Lips that are soft, sensual, full-bodied, and pink could substantially enhance the aesthetic attractiveness. Although not everyone can achieve perfect fluffy lips like celebrities, but if your lips are frequently dry or chapped, there is clearly something wrong with your lifestyle or lip care routine. However, we promise that you can have the ideal version of your lips if you ideally follow our lip care routine guide

Say Bye to Chapped and Cracked Lips

Our lips have to suffer a lot. They don’t even get a breather from the exposure. They, too, deserve a break. Because of this, it is necessary to pamper them regularly by keeping them moisturized and moist with lip balm. It is pretty easy for lips to become extremely chapped specially during winters, and they can even break and bleed if you do not moisturize them or give any hydration to them.

Drink Plenty of Water

First thing first, make sure to drink a lot of water. According to the Institute of Medicine, women should drink 104 ounces of water each day. That's a total of 10 bottles.

Apply Lip Balm

Applying a quality lip balm to your lips a few times a day can help keep aging at bay while making them smooth, the same as applying moisturizer to your skin keeps it supple and youthful.

 With the widespread availability of modern lip balms, there are likely numerous low-quality varieties you would prefer not to use on your skin. They darken your lip color horribly just because of many cheap and unwanted ingredients.

However, our Everyday Vegan Lip Balm is infused with 90% botanical moisturizing factors, beeswax, natural oil, and butter. It works overtime to ensure your lips are moisturized, supple, and smooth as silk. 


 Apply Lip Mask Daily

Lip masks have become increasingly popular in beauty stores throughout the world. They're similar to face masks, except that they're just applied to the lips. Lip masks are available for each type of lip condition, and they can help repair and soften the lips in just 20 minutes.

Our Unpa Bubi Bubi Lip Mask is all that you need. It has a blend of four ingredients with potent antioxidant and anthocyanin levels, and it moisturizes, firms, and protects your lips' fragile skin and reduces wrinkles for a prettier pout. Go and get it asap, girl!

Must Exfoliate Lips 

Lip exfoliation is another key step in allowing lip balm to adequately moisturize your lips. Lips, like your skin, can acquire layers of dead skin. You can get rid of that layer by exfoliating them with a specific lip-based solution and allowing the moisture to penetrate deeply into your lips.

Our Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub gives a dual peeling effect without irritating your skin. PHA softens hard, dead skin cells, while cellulose completely removes them to reveal your new baby skin. 

Avoid Licking Your Lips

It's best not to lick your lips. People lick their lips, seeking immediate relief when their lips are slightly dry. Saliva has a pH of over 8, whereas skin has a 4.5, making it alkaline. Saliva provides immediate relief, but it exacerbates the problem and aggravates dry lips in the medium to long term.

Adding lip care tips to your anti-aging or beauty routine can help you get fuller, smoother lips for a more desirable appearance. If lip care wasn’t on your skincare routine schedule before today, it should be now!