Perfect pout and kissable lips don't happen by chance. Like every other part of your face, your lips need some extra TLC, effective lip scrub, and a hydrating lip moisturizer.

Before we dive into 'lip scrub: easy ways to exfoliate', let's first talk about the things that make lips extra dry.

Have you noticed your lips don't sweat or get pimples? That's because our lips have limited sebum-releasing, oil-producing glands. This is why the skin on our lips gets dried real quick. In addition to that, cold, dry, hot, and windy weather conditions make our lips chapped and flaky.

When your lips feel dry, the first thing you do (almost instinctively), is to lick them. Licking relieves dryness temporarily, but in reality, licking your lips is the biggest reason behind flaky skin. That's why skin experts recommend keeping a lip balm handy and avoid licking as much as possible.

Lip Scrub: Benefits--Why a Lip Balm is not Enough?


Everyone uses the lip balm. (Almost). But every lip balm doesn't solve the problem.

Layering your lips with lip balms, lip oils and moisturizers is not effective when your skin is already dry and flaky. To make your lip balm work its magic, you need a nicely cleaned and gently exfoliated pout. And, that's why a lip scrub is a must-have for your daily skincare.

Lip Scrub: How to Use a Lip Scrub to Make Your Lips Look Plumper?


Believe us or not, there is a wrong way of doing everything. That's why, we want you to avoid the mistakes that stop you from getting amazing, hydrated lips. Here are some tips that will help you choose and use lip scrubs in an easy way so you can get great results every time.

1. Check the Ingredients Before you Buy a Lip Scrub

Your lip scrub should be multi-tasking. Therefore, look for one that has bomb ingredients to gently exfoliate the lips and remove any traces of lipstick and lip gloss. PHAs and cellulose are very effective in removing dead skin cells without using any harsh scrubbing. The win-win combo first softens the hard skin, dead cells, and flakes, and then removes them seamlessly to reveal healthy skin beneath.

Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub

2. Choose a Super-Hydrating Formula for Dual Action

When your top, dry layer is gone, a great lip scrub will inject moisture deep into your skin layers. After great research, we formulated our patented moisturizer, XPERTMOIST. This powerful hydrating formula moisturizes your lips deeply so they stay soft and glossy for longer. Learn more about the Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub.

3. The Best Way to Get Plumper Lips with Lip Scrub

When you use a lip scrub, always start by removing your makeup. Once your lips are clean and dry, work your lip scrub in a circular motion. This method will help you increase the blood flow to your lips and your lips will look and feel plumper in an instant.

4. No More Discoloration on the Lips

By removing the damaged skin layer, you can get rid of any signs of dark spots or discoloration on your lips. Discoloration doesn't happen in a day. That's why you should make your lip scrub an essential part of your skincare regimen.

With regular use, you will see improvement in the dark spots, and get a more even tone with time.

5. Lip Exfoliation: Don't Overdo it

Now that you know about lip scrub benefits, and have figured how to use a lip scrub, here is something you should never do with your lip scrub: over-exfoliation.

Over-exfoliation can irritate your skin and leave you with cracked lips. It will also make your lips more dry and chapped. That's why it is important to know how often you should exfoliate your lips.

If you use liquid lipsticks every day, you should use a lip scrub at least 2 times a week. However, if you don't use makeup regularly, you can use your lip scrub once a week.

6. Lip Mask: Don't Forget it

Like the skin on your face, the skin on your lips heals at night. After exfoliation, use a moisture-packed lip mask to heal, hydrate and smoothen your lips overnight.

When you choose the best products and know how to use lip scrubs, you can get all the lip scrub benefits that will make your lips irresistibly beautiful. Try our cult-favorite Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub for a luxurious exfoliation and deep hydration.

Let us know how you take care of your lips. We will love to hear back from you.