The ampoule is a star in the beauty world! It brings active ingredients in highly concentrated form in the truest sense of the word "fresh" onto your skin. This Atelo Firm Up Ampoule comes in a simple glass bottle with a pipette for measuring. Because it is a nourishing, and moisturizing anti-wrinkle face serum complete with 7 Amino Acids, you can use it two to three times a week. It is also best to use it following cleansing and toning. This way your skin is ready to absorb and offers multiple benefits. You don’t want to use it too frequently as this could lead to skin immunity. If you don’t use it enough, it may not have the desired effect. This must be the first step in skincare before opting for your other products. So how is this product used and what are the ingredients that make this a winning formula? 

How Are They Used?

Due to the ingredients specially selected for certain problems, ampoules are useful with great immediate effect. WIth the Atelo Firm Up Ampoule, you’ll notice an immediate boost with its collagen ingredients. Atelo, Hydrolyzed, and Soluble Collagen act on every layer of the skin. You will find a suppleness is complemented also by firming the skin gently over time. 


Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, AKA Botox Peptide, can help revitalize stressed and exhausted skin and some of the main advantages of this product are: 

  1. Targeted formulation of the active ingredients for visible mitigation of wrinkles, pigment spots, and other signs of skin aging.
  2. With regular use, wrinkles on the face are softened.
  3. Simple and easy to use with a pipette that measures the desired amount.

unpa ampoule

Ampoules are an additional care product for daily facial care. The application is relatively simple and the product can be dosed exactly. Here are a few tips for the optimal use of ampoules. You should always make sure to clean the face thoroughly before you apply the contents of the ampoule to the skin. You can forget the needles and botox, and reach for this ampoule which immediately rejuvenates the skin. In the long term, the treatment of the skin with ampoules is a real anti-aging booster. Your skin gets more elasticity and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes are visually filled up. By using them two to three times a week, you will increase the chances of it having a bigger benefit. 

Ampoules can be the solution for a wide variety of skin needs. They are available in different combinations and can also be used as a multi-day cure. The formulations are tailor-made for the respective care goal, which is why their effect on the skin is visible even after a short time. Picking up your Atelo Firm Up Ampoule offers incredible radiance every day for all types of skin.