Like your hair, your lips can have a bad day too.

And, on any such day, some lip TLC can do wonders to make your pout look and feel awesome.

Lip scrubs-homemade and store-bought- are an essential part of lip care. In today’s article, we will share how you can whip up your own lip scrub (homemade) in a jiffy.


But, why do you even need a lip scrub?

When it comes to lip care, the first step is to exfoliate. With exfoliation, you can get rid of dried skin and dead skin cells. When done correctly, lip exfoliation will leave you with soft and smooth lips ready to soak in the moisture and replenish.

You don’t need to spend a ton on lip scrubs. You can easily DIY one from natural ingredients available in your kitchen.


The Cardinal Rules for DIYing Lip Scrub (homemade)

There are two things that you need for making a lip scrub:

  1. Exfoliant (Physical or chemical)—to scrub your lips and remove the dead skin cells.
  2. Emollient or Oil or Fatty Acids—to provide hydration.
  3. (Optional) Natural irritants—to provide a plumping effect.

When making your own lip scrub, make sure that you use a gentle exfoliant that is not harsh for the sensitive skin on your lips.


Our Tested Lip Scrub Homemade Recipes


Recipe #1 The Honey-Goodness Lip Scrub


Brown sugar (2 parts)

Coconut oil (1 part)

Organic Honey (1 part)

Water (if needed)


Why it works?

Brown sugar is a natural exfoliant that is gentle for lips. Sugar also has chemical exfoliating properties that makes it ideal for a lip scrub. Coconut oil is full of fatty acids that provide much-needed hydration. Honey is the magic ingredient that makes this homemade lip scrub healing and hydrating.


Recipe#2 The Cinnamon-Power Lip Scrub


Brown sugar (1 part)

Olive oil (1 part)

Cinnamon powder (1 part)


Why this works?

If you want a plumper pout, this is the best lip scrub homemade recipe for you. Cinnamon acts both as an exfoliant and natural plumper to give you’re the pout of your dreams.


Recipe#3 The Lime-Up Lip Scrub


Brown sugar (1 part)

Olive oil (1 part)

Lemon juice (1 part)


Why this works?

Sun damage and tinted lip colors make your lips pigmented. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent and helps remove the signs of pigmentation. This lip scrub will remove the dead skin and leave you with fresh-looking, beautiful lips.


While homemade lip scrubs can help, they cannot provide long-lasting results as they lack the power of bomb ingredients that your lips really need to look and feel great. That’s why, if you want your lips to look celebrity-fresh, we recommend using a high-quality lip scrub like the Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub.

Packed with PHAs and cellulose, the Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub exfoliates deeply using a dual peeling action. The gentle formula removes the dead skin effectively without irritating the skin. Thanks to Unpa’s patented XPERTMOIST formula, your lips will never feel dry even after exfoliation.

Having a great working lip scrub handy ensures that you won't skip exfoliation on those lazy days when you don’t want to make your lip scrub (homemade). Try the Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub for just $14, and enjoy super-soft, lipstick-ready, kissable lips.