February is here, and so is Valentine's Day! If you're trying your luck to find that special someone, you have to top up your game.

You have always tried to look your best, from dress to shoes to your hair. Oh, you always look perfect!

Have you ever thought about giving a little bit of attention to your oral hygiene? Time to reveal a big secret for oral health!

Oral health will gear you up for the rest of the day and increase your chances to have a nice conversation with that special someone and that too with confidence. You don't want to scare them away with bad breath? Nah!

The shiny white pearls and minty fresh breath will get them head over heels for you.

 Does that mean you're going to keep your oral hygiene in check every Valentine's? Imagine the horror for people around you!

You have to keep your sparkly smile and a minty cool breath 365 days. But, what can you do to unleash your best smile?

We have got you covered!


Brush to Get Your Crush! We all know the basic brush your teeth twice a day. But what makes your smile brighter than a star is the right toothpaste. Cha Cha Black Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste is the new talk of the town. Why? Because it is a blend of charcoal powder, peppermint, and spearmint oils. Get ready to say hello to a fresh mouth and cavity-free sparkly teeth!


    Floss or You are at Loss! Why do dentists recommend flossing when you're doing just fine with brushing? To let that stubborn food debris out of your teeth! Imagine you're on a date; a tiny food particle gets stuck in your teeth. Uh oh! We recommend you toss that floss in your pocket/bag and have a quick cleanup post dinner!


     Swash, Swash, Mouthwash! Many of us have stopped using mouthwashes because of weird fluoride taste and burning sensations. But to get rid of bad odor and keep your gum health in check, try Cha Cha Mintlasting Mouthwash. You'll be amazed to experience no irritation or a dry mouth after using it as it is alcohol and CPC-free. And what's the catch? It assists you in gum health treatment, preventing tooth discoloration. Welcome back, Mouthwashes!

     Keen on Tongue Clean! We often forget to clean our tongues while brushing our teeth. Your tongue has a surface that can have food debris and plaque. Use a toothbrush, a tongue cleaner, or a tongue scraper to get rid of bacteria and bad breath. Now you're all set to sigh deeply without any fear!

    Bye Bye Smoking! Do you want your teeth to have a nicotine-stained tag? We are sure nobody does! Be prepared to bid farewell to dear old smoking habits and protect your oral and physical health from getting damaged.

     Go Easy on Caffeine! We know it's tough to let go of an urge to have a cup of coffee or tea if you're already addicted to it. Are we asking to say no to it completely? Just reduce the number of cups to prevent yourself from falling prey to calcium deficiency.



    Befriend Your Dentist! Many of us dread dentist visits but guess what? They are literally your best buddies! Because they keep you updated on your dental hygiene and catch the culprit (read tooth decay) early! Don't forget to visit him a week before Valentine's.

    That's it! These 7 steps will help you get going for the whole year, protecting you from tooth decay and stubborn plaque. So be ready to give yourself an oral makeover this Valentine's