It is pretty hard to imagine a time where lip scrubs did not exist. Like every other body part, your lips shed dead skin cells to make way for new ones. According to science, the skin replaces old skin cells every 30 days, depending on the individual. Thankfully, you can make natural lip scrubs or purchase formulas from beauty brands like the Korean beauty platform to clean your lips, enhance circulation and leave you with smooth and shiny lips. 

Are Lip Scrub Worth The Hype

So are lip scrubs good for your lips? The answer is a resounding YES. Lips scrubs are semi- liquid-based containing certain particles that can remove flaky and dry skins, which eventually leave the skin feeling smooth. After being exposed to the weather conditions of the environment, your lips start to leave dead skin, causing cracks on your lips and making them look patched. Have you ever met someone with their lips having dead skin cells on them? Were you turned off by how flaky and cracked their lips looked? 

Lip scrubs keep your lips hydrated and healthy. Some people remove dry and brittle skin cells by themselves instead of using lip scrubs resulting in bleeding. It will please you to know that regular lip scrubs make your lips softer and help them absorb lip balm and lip butter more easily. For individuals who apply make-up daily, applying lipstick on lip cells that have not been exfoliated produces results that are not satisfying.

The Downside Of Lip Scrubs

Lips scrubs need to be used in moderation. According to dermatologists, the skin on your lips is pretty similar to the skin in your mouth. So frequent scrubbing will damage the thin mucosa on your lips. Experts encourage hydration as the first step for dry, flaky skin. You can exfoliate or use a scrub after hydrating because scrubbing dry skin may lead to inflammation, cracks, or injury in the outer skin layer. Knowing this, you should use lip scrubs at least once a week or apply lip balms and moisturizing serums. Remember, always moisturize your lips and skin before you exfoliate.

What Is In Your Lip Scrub?

Most lip scrubs generally contain two main ingredients: an emollient and an exfoliant. The emollient provides a hydrating base for the exfoliant, so the product is easier to apply. Emollients are usually made from plant butter or oils, such as coconut oil or avocado butter.

Sugar is the typical exfoliant in most lip scrubs. It is effective at exfoliating flaky lips. 

How Often Should You Use Lip Scrubs

Use lip scrubs at least once a week to do their work and prevent it from damaging your lips. Find lip scrubs that have natural ingredients. These natural ingredients in some of the lip scrubs don't damage the skin of your lips at all. Most of them contain sugar which goes soft on the lips while removing unwanted dead skin cells.

To conclude, the key takeaway is that lip scrubs are suitable for keeping your lips healthy and in great shape, but they should not be done in excess.